Privacy policy


    1.1. This privacy policy is designed to provide, that the Company performs its activities, comply with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania and other current legislation, regulating the protection of personal data, as well as instructions from the competent authorities.

    1.2. Website privacy policy provides basic personal data collection, storage and handling rules, using the services offered on the website. Privacy policy is designed to protect and defend the user's personal data of the website against unauthorized use.

    1.3. The user can make purchases on the website, signed up at the e-shop, also without registering.


    2.1. Information that is collected about users, depends on the services they provide and from that, what information they provide with the services of the website. User personal data is obtained in the following ways:

    2.1.1. provided on the website by actions (contacting the site's staff, purchasing goods, etc.);

    2.1.2. generated automatically, to the extent that provides for the legislation in force (visiting website);

    2.1.3. obtained from third parties and/or publicly available sources, to the extent that provides for the legislation in force.

    2.2. The user can make purchases after registering on the website, also without registering. The user who is not registered does not need to provide the necessary data for the execution of the order (name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, shipping address). The user is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

    2.3. The company collects and processes the user's personal data, on the basis of personal data protection regulated by laws:

    2.3.1. when processing personal data, the company is bound by the applicable legal acts;

    2.3.2. in order to conclude and/or execute a contract concluded with the user;

    2.3.3. with the consent of the user;

    2.3.4. on the company's legitimate interests, when the user's private interests are not more important.

    2.4. The company manages personal data for these purposes:

    2.4.1. Provision of services, customer solvency assessment and credit risk management, violate company's rights protection;

    2.4.2. the proper provision of services, ensuring quality of service;

    2.4.3. direct marketing.

    2.5. The company may transfer the user's personal data:

    2.5.1. data processors (service providers), who provide services and manages the user's personal data, company as a data controller in the name (for example: IT service providers, auditors, advertising agencies, etc.);

    2.5.2. other third parties, when required by applicable law or when this is necessary in order to protect the company's legitimate interests (for example: courts, authorities and law enforcement agencies, etc.).


    3.1. The user grants the right to the company collect, manage, snd store user‘s identity data, to such an extent and for such purposes, as provided for in the privacy policy and other company documents.

    3.2. The company shall keep the user's personal data as necessary to achieve the stated goal. When the target is reached, personal data of users is deleted, except in those cases, when the applicable law obliges the company to protect personal data, deadline set in these legal acts. At the end of this deadline, personal data shall be erased in such a way that they can not be reproduced.

    3.3. The company assures internal organizational and technical measures, that the user‘s personal data is presented on the website will be protected from any unlawful actions: unauthorized alteration of personal data, disclosure or destruction, identity theft, fraud.

    3.4. The user undertakes and must protect your own login to the site's password and login name and other data. The user undertakes and is bound to any other third parties nor reveal personal data about yourself nor on third parties, provided such personal data of third parties has become available to it on the website and immediately inform the company about the violations that are noticeable.


    4.1. The user which personal data is managed by the company shall have these rights:

    4.1.1. know (be informed) about your own data processing;

    4.1.2. get acquainted with your own personal data and how they are processed;

    4.1.3. demand correction, destruction of your own personal data or stop processing, except when personal data is required to ensure the company's operations;

    4.1.4. request the termination of personal data processing, storage steps, when data are processed without complying with the personal data of the Republic of Lithuania, the law on legal protection and other laws;

    4.1.5. to disagree with the processing of his personal data.

    4.2. All specified rights of the personal data subjects, will be implemented after having identified and verified the person, who applies for, identity.

    4.3. The company may not create conditions for the user to implement the rights of the abovementioned personal data subjects, when, in the cases provided for by applicable law, its necessary to ensure the prevention of crimes, service or professional ethics violations, investigation and detection, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.

    4.4. Any request or instruction, relating to the processing of personal data, the user must submit to the company in writing in one of the following ways:

    4.4.1. by submitting such an application or order directly to the address: Ruklos str. 14, LT-55198, Jonava;

    4.4.2. by submitting such an application or order directly to the company's shop, address: Vasaris 16-th str. 1, 55169, Jonava;

    4.4.3. sending such an application or an order to an e-mail address:

    4.5. The company, upon receipt of such user's request or instruction, not later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days, provides the user with an answer and performs the actions specified in the request or refuses to perform them. The response to the user's request must be made in writing.

    5.1. All intellectual property rights on the website provided to the user, remains the property of the company and is protected by copyright laws and treaties worldwide. All these rights are protected by company licenses.

    5.2. The user may accumulate, print or submit the contents of the website for his own personal use only. The user has no right to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise edit the content of this website in any way, materials for commercial or non-personal use purposes.


    6.1. Privacy policy comes into effect from the date, which is confirmed document by the Director General of this company. The company reserves the rights to revise and amend the privacy policy at any time. Changes take effect immediately after their publication on the website.


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